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ProvenSys ERP System

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Modern software integration

In former times, software packages like word processing, spreadsheet and graphic editors were integrated in so-called "Integrated Packages". Meanwhile address administration, article master data, production planning, inventory keeping and invoice processing are combined within so-called ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning).

newCOMer goes one step ahead: With our product "ProvenSys ERP" we do not only visualize your complete company actions in the computer, but additionally integrate spreadsheet functionality into our ERP system.


This situation is certainly familiar to you: you calculate your product prices based on your production formulas and the competitive conditions in a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel. Afterwards, you manually transfer the calculated prices (including all variants) from the spreadsheet calculation to your ERP system.

This is now history! With ProvenSys you can enter these formulas directly into the ERP software. You can define different variables (for example in the price lists) and you can also enter commodity prices consequently into the formulas of our ERP system. For the calculation of your sales prices, you can use the integrated formula system to generate variable parts lists and transfer characteristics from the parent article to the child articles defined in the parts list.
You will be surprised how flexible an ERP system can be and you will find possibilities in your ERP system you would have never thought were possible.

The complete image of your company in your computer system

Each report and analysis is only as good as the entered data is. The daily practice shows that very often data is not entered at all or data is entered incorrectly. For this reason we keep the data entry as easy as possible, and we are offering you a variety of possibilities for checking the recorded data.

Keeping data collection cost as low as possible

When your enterprise is pictured in the data processing system, there are two conflicting targets:

  • As much data as possible from your real enterprise world has to be collected.
  • The costs for data collection should be as low as possible.

In other words: you should think about whether you want to collect data for each screw you take from the warehouse, because the data entry may cause more costs than the screw itself is worth.
For this reason, the data collection in our ERP System is kept as easy and cost-efficient as possible. For instance, we use bar coding for the data entry:
Two clicks on your bar code scanner are enough to represent the withdrawal of material from the warehouse.

In addition, our ERP system is completely RFID capable. This means that these functions can alternatively be carried out via RFID chips which are even easier and more cost-efficient.

Knowledge is power

  • Sales processes in ProvenSys

The target of a modern ERP system is the cross-linking of all business processes. Especially nowadays that the internet makes the connection between different companies so easy, ERP systems also need to be adjusted to these conditions.

A modern ERP system has to ensure a problem-free exchange of information with the customers as well as with the suppliers. This exchange of information must not be limited to the conventional way of communication between two persons. It has to supported until the most modern way of communication (between two machines) is reached.

Different interfaces

Human to human
  • Phone
  • e-mail
Human to machine
  • Internet browser
    (WWW, HTML)
  • e-mail
Machine to machine
  • Passive
    • XML
  • Active
    • Web services


Only ten years ago, orders were usually placed in the following way: the purchasing agent called different suppliers and asked for their current prices (human to human interface).
Nowadays the purchasing agent doesn't call anymore but uses the internet browser to look up the current prices on the internet (human to machine interface). In the future the process of researching the current prices and delivery times will also be possible via software (machine to machine interface).

Already now our software offers web service interfaces which your business partners can use to hook up their software to our ERP System. Orders, stock keeping information etc. can be transferred directly from one computer to the other computer.

List of references

Visit our list of references in the field of ERP Systems to get more information and examples for the applications of our ERP System.

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