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Advent calendar

A brand-new development by newCOMer,
in co-operation with Bishop Productions GmbH

Offer your visitors a festive event at which they can open a door each day in Advent, receive gifts or take part in an exciting raffle. Our Advent Calendar tool offers all these features. The system is not bound to a specific layout and can be integrated into nearly every CI.

Advent calender

  • Demo advent calendar

Strengthen your customer relationships and increase your website's popularity by integrating newCOMer's festive online event: the digital advent calendar.
It can prove itself a mighty guest magnet for many target groups: Families, vacationers, all kinds of end customers, ...

Functional overview

  • Input of up to 24 gifts
    (with text, image and link for detailed information)
  • Assignment of the gifts to 24 days
  • Input of up to 24 raffles
    (with unlimited amount of winners for each raffle)
  • Assignment of raffles to 24 days
  • Input of 24 quotes
  • Assignment of quotes to 24 days
  • Possilibilty to check how often which gift appears on which day
    (precise control of costs by the amount of gifts and the cycle of appearance)
  • User-friendly input form for address data of visitors
    (needed for the dispatch of gifts and raffle participation)
  • Extensive evaluations
    (raffle participation/drawing of winners, gift requests)

An example for the functionality

  • Graphical integration into the existing CI of your website
  • Output of gifts e.g, on Advent Sundays with 50 gifts each in intervals of 30 minutes
  • If no gifts are available anymore (count=0) or if the interval between one gift output and the next gift output is shorter than 30 minutes, the raffle defined for this day is displayed.
  • If a user already took part in the raffle on the same day, a quote is displayed automatically.
  • Depending on the configuration, raffles or quotes are displayed on all other days.
  • Final statistics of all participants and addresses, and drawing of the winners.

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