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Content Management System

Simple – Flexible – Efficient

These three requirements were our keywords when we designed our Content Management System.

The system should be easily usable even by users who are not internet-savvy. Since the system should be developed to be a product, it should be possible to integrate it as flexibly as possible into every layout and every workflow. Last but not least, the system should be future-proof and highly efficient.

In order to fulfill these requirements, our Content Management System was completely redesigned and redeveloped with the help of state-of-the-art technologies.


  • Assistant for sorting menu items

The administration of a website through our Content Management System is managed by especially developed assistants.
This minimizes the training time of the editors and enables a steep learning curve in user trainings.
This increases the productivity in the administration of a website because almost every workflow explains itself by the assistants.


The strict separation of layout, content and programming makes the Content Management System extremely flexible. Nearly any layout can be integrated into the system and can be administrated there.

By means of multiple possibilities for importing and exporting data and media-neutral data storage, you can easily exchange data between online and offline production. This allows enormous savings of time, especially with the administration of large content quantities.


We rely on with C# 2.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and XHTML 1.0.
Due to the three-tier architecture (database layer, business logic and presentation layer) and the testing of every module for speed and quality before it is launched, the system remains highly effective, even under conditions of high workload and scaling.

Frontend » Business Logic » Server
User front end

Data can be entered by people or software.

  Business logic

Keeps data integrable and checks for example whether all obligatory fields have been filled with acceptable data.


Makes sure all data is stored safely.

Due to the constant advancement of the system and the monitoring of existing installations, performance problems occurring during live operation are recognized as soon as possible and fixed by our team.


Please visit our references for Content Management Systems and convince yourself of the high efficiency of our system.

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