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Every investment has to be profitable. Based on this motto, we advise our customers and offer them the most profitable solution.

The modular design of our software makes us flexible to provide our customers with the most efficient solutions in software, database and internet.

Our assets

Our assets lie in a broad and colourful variety of software, from Windows software and web services to Software for mobile devices. Our customers can use all modern media with a continuous dataflow from internet online shopping and tablet pc based inventory up to the customers' server-based database systems.

In the fast-moving times of online communication, nobody can afford data "islands" - and as such all data is kept central and hooked up to a single data source.

newCOMer stands for modern software and state-of-the-art technologies.

Modularity has top priority

If you buy some new tires for your car, you can be sure they'll fit. Why? Because there are norms and standards – and cars are built in a modular way.
This system of modularity is applied by us when we develop our software. Like a car, which consists of engine, auto body, tires etc., our software consists of different modules. These modules can be combined in various ways to provide the individual solution that best meets the customer's needs.

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